In Tel aviv, learning the GAGA dance by Ohad Naharin

In Tel aviv, learning the GAGA dance by Ohad Naharin

35 Meters above the sea. Welcome to my office !

35 Meters above the sea. Welcome to my office !


Hello I’m ERNI

I was born in Chengdu, a city surrounded by mountains in South-West of China. When I was a little girl I always liked looking out of the window, imagining a far away world. Once I grew up, I started my journey, exploring the infinitive possibilities of life:

Hitch-hiking from China to France, farming in remote forest in India, volunteering in an orphanage for HIV positive children, participating in theatre workshops in refugee camps in Lesbos,  learning from aboriginal elders about the wisdom of nature in the pacific island, sailing on ancient wooden boats, I lived together with artists from around the world, travelling from the Baltic to the Mediterranean sea. Inspired by the Odyssey, visiting big cities and small islands, collecting stories and creating works with citizens, villagers and refugees…

Now I live between Paris, Chengdu, Taipei and many incredible corners of the world, I founded Sichuan Erni Culture & Media Co, together with collaborated artists from various domains, we make those long journeys have turned into books, films, festivals, exhibitions, talks and design products, influencing more people to explore a more meaning life.

If you have a project that wants to collaborate together, welcome to write to me:







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