I love reading magazine since I was a kid, so I work with all kinds of magazines, as photographer and writer founder and volunteer. From undergournd to commercial, from culture to life style, magazine is my playground.

China Life magazine http://www.chinalifemagazine.com/ Launched in 2005, idea of running a magazine as living a "Life". One of the most important cultural magazine in China.Our creative team includes music director Tan Dun, art director Xu Bing, co-publisher Xu Zhiyuan and creative director Rockey Liang. China life magazine has won the SOPA Awards for Editorial Excellence. Since 2007, the 16th time to receive the SOPA award in 11 years, and the 7th in the "Design" category Awards.

Life stylist It's new magazine so the social media is on construction, but it's already the best seller new mook book in China and we present the very inspiring life style. 

Condé Nast Travel and life style https://www.cntraveller.com/

Cosmopolitan China A fashion and life style magazine  http://www.cosmopolitan.com.cn/

MIND Magazine The first esthetic philosophy magazine in China I co founded in 2013

1626 Youth and underground culture

City Zine 城市画报