Photo by Wang Kai

Photo by Wang Kai


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Graduated from Department of Painting at Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts and  Master of Art in France. During high school till college, she volunteered in NGOs in India, working as a farmer an organic farm, working with theatre groups in refugee camps, taught orphanages infected with HIV in India, working with sex workers against violence.

She is now a director/producer of cinema, occasionally a writer and photographer.

Published Eveything that's wonderful about life of others. She also writes for magazines such as Kinfolk, Southern Weekend, Life magazine. Worked in 6 years as cultural correspondent for Mind magazine. Cooperated with media as a photographer and project contributor worked with Louis Vuitton, Swarovski,  Basel world exhibition. Committed to connection between Chinese and foreign culture of the important European cultural and artistic festivals, Montpellier Dance Festival, Helsinki Festival, curatorial and creative and performing arts comments.

In 2017 she funded Sichuan Erni Cultura & Media Co. 

About photography 

When I was young, I love to close my eyes and pressure on them, then, slowly some sparkingstars to appear, like I am floating in a open universe - an imaginary space trip.  And when I open my eyes, I saw my home, my school, my friends and my playground… I see my life, it goes on and on.

Eyes give us the ability to interpret the surroundings by processing a place called world that is contained in light. It gives us a universal language. With my eyes, I could capture any place at any time, vision is such a sensation, such a power. 

It gives me the possibility to becoming a photographer. With my camera and my eyes, I started my journey to have the awareness of the world. My world, with my eyes, not everybody’s eyes. 

I understood stage by stage what is my world, what can I have with my eyes.

At the beginning, I see reality. Like the great documentary work by Sebastião Salgado and Henri Cartier-Bresson, we call them photojournalist, it shows what we see and we didn’t see. If you see it deeper you could get such a sensation of nature and humanity out of it.  

Then, I see poetry with my eyes. It has the impact to carry you beyond the limit of reality, like the work of Hiroshi Sugimoto, he would show you a complete over exposed photo, there is nothing on it, only time and light have left its traces. And Gregory Colbert’s work “Ashes and Snow” and the work of Ryan Mcginley, it takes us to somewhere, a lost wonderland, a believed but never- exsisted place far away from reality . 

Then, I see “Sex, Drug, and Rock in Roll”. It's the youth of our life, so simple and strong, it has the intuition of human that we find in Sigmund Freud’s theory, the fondamental energy that makes us fell young and beautiful, like the works of Nan Goldin and Antoine d’agata, dare to be desired, dare to be different.

Then, I see casualty, a normal world. Like the work of Wolfgang Tillman and Martin parr, who deal witha camera is actually nonstop three-dimensional power. They give photographe such a true and direct meaning: Is it possible? Is now the moment? Maybe I can take a picture? 

Then, I see my life, and it goes on and on. After you click the button, you keep what you see now, and now, now is gone…finally, I start to understand what does our eyes coud really see. No matter how different the how we see the world,  it all carries each individuel’s life on it. Just like long time ago, when I was a little baby I opened my eyes, I see my life, with my own eyes, just like you. 

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A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order.

― Jean-Luc Godard